Collaborative Efforts Youth and Family Services is a comprehensive practice providing psycho-educational assessments, vocational evaluations, advocacy, and consultation to children, adolescents, and adults in Central and North Florida. We strive to work collaboratively with clients, families, educators, and other service providers to foster skills and strengths in an effort approach to promote success at home, school, and in the workplace.

Provider Qualifications: Our services are provided by a team of licensed and/or certified professionals in the fields of School Psychology, Social Work (LCSW), Guidance and Counseling and Exceptional Student Education. All reports are peer reviewed by qualified professionals.


Our comprehensive assessments help to determine the underpinnings that may be contributing to behavioral, academic, or work difficulties experienced by the consumer. These assessments are designed to provide information to assist with the implementation of effective treatment plans and aide consumers in learning about the functional impact of their disabilities.

All assessments are interpreted through a comprehensive report with recommendations related to the areas of concern as well as suggested coursework, training, and potential employment opportunities.

English and Kreyol Speaking Evaluators

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