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Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Psycho-educational evaluations are comprehensive assessments that are designed to evaluate an individual's cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and behavioral functioning. These evaluations are conducted by our licensed psychologists and are used to identify and diagnose various learning, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Psycho-educational evaluations can be helpful for individuals of all ages, but they are most commonly used with children and adolescents who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems. These evaluations can help identify specific learning disabilities, ADHD, emotional and behavioral disorders, and other developmental or mental health conditions. These assessments are also used to help clients gain appropriate accommodations for testing (SAT/ACT/LSAT/GRE) and college accmmodations. This includes Independent Evaluations (IEE's) requested by school districts and parents.

Psycho-educational evaluations can be a valuable tool in helping individuals receive the support and resources they need to reach their full potential in academic, social, and emotional areas.