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Debbie Jackson

Debbie Jackson is a Licensed and Certified School Psychologist with over 25 years of experience. Ms. Jackson provides high-quality service to a diverse population of individuals including school-aged children, young adults, and adults who are at-risk, advanced learners, and those seeking career planning. Ms. Jackson is experienced in conducting comprehensive assessments used to guide parents, educators, and other stakeholders in the development of targeted interventions, accommodations, and treatment plans. 

Ms. Jackson is skilled in administering assessments that evaluate present functioning of Giftedness, Learning Disorders, Attention Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavior Concerns, and Vocational Planning. Ms. Jackson is accomplished in data-based decision making, targeted intervention support, and training/coaching adult learners. Ms. Jackson’s work is solution-focused and collaborative, endeavoring to maximize success for her clients.

Ms. Jackson earned an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology from the University of Central Florida. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. Ms. Jackson has been a guest speaker addressing college students on topics such as graduate school application, admission, cultural sensitivity, and career experience. Ms. Jackson has presented at state psychology conventions, local school districts, and varied community organizations.